Quickly attract attention with high-quality pylon signs and monument signs

At National Sign Systems, we manufacture road signage — both pylon signs and monument signs — with extruded aluminum cabinets featuring double leg retainers, all with hinged access for easy service. Our thermo-formed and embossed faces combine the strength of polycarbonate material with the fade resistance of acrylic. Exterior signage from National Sign Systems is structurally engineered to hold up under any weather condition with professional attention to your brand specifications.

UV resistant finishes and durable construction ensure signage withstands the elements

Our computerized paint and color match system utilizes a high quality urethane finish. Paint and finishes are applied with exacting standards to promote UV resistance and longevity. Graphics are normally applied to the second surface to help protect your sign from Mother Nature.

LED lighting assures eye-catching and brilliant illumination. All mounting poles are constructed with coated and primed high-grade steel, and can accommodate caisson, footer, bolt on and direct burial foundations.

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